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Coffee and tea of the most famous drinks containing material " Caffeine".There are thousands of recent scientific studies have proved that drinking coffee in moderation, completely safe, but a number of health benefits, has identified three to four moderation cups of coffee per day, containing approximately 300 milligrams of caffeine.

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does coffee cause addiction?
Coffee does not cause addiction. The enjoyment of drinking coffee is usually continuously, and coffee are known to affect the alarm light, but it can not be regarded as an indication that the cause of coffee addiction. The World Health Organization said the studies clearly that caffeine does not affect the brain the same way affect the substance of the addiction, and therefore can not be considered a substance addiction. The symptoms of light adequate for dealing with interruptions, of headache or inactivity, which is facing some of the persons used to drink coffee, does not seem to be related to the amount of caffeine that are consumed daily. Do not underestimate those who suffer from dealing with caffeine gradually, over several days, these symptoms.

Can coffee cause dehydration?
While many people believed that the caffeine, found in coffee, a major impact on the increasing of the urine, but a recent scientific studies that moderate coffee consumption (from 3 to 4 cups per day) producing the same effect, caused by drinking water!

Does coffee cause problemes to heart?
Studies have shown that coffee consumption in moderation, within a healthy diet and balanced, is not linked to heart disease. Drinking coffee in moderation, and safe for patients with heart, it does not lead to an increase in heart rate.

Does coffee affect on the amount of calcium in the body?
caffeine found in coffee Cause the loss of calcium in the body ,the body compensates for this loss later by reducing the calcium after two to three hours, so as to keep the same level of bone calcium statute.

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